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When customizing your backyard, using materials that complement Mother Nature’s craftsmanship is essential. That’s why, when developing our Panel Masonry System, we used nature as our blueprint, modeling our Panel Molds from actual stone.

ClifRock's Panel Masonry technology offers a precast stone aesthetic on a structural panel, providing an affordable alternative to natural stone masonry. You can enjoy the style, texture, and colors of natural stone without the high cost associated with traditional stone masonry construction.

Designed for quick installation and self-support, ClifRock Panel Masonry technology allows you to enjoy your outdoor living project in just a few days. This saves time, material, and installation costs while enabling you to design the outdoor living space of your dreams.

The three most common outdoor kitchen configurations are Straight (S-Series), L-Shape (L-Series), and U-Shape (U-Series).


Get Your Free Custom Outdoor Kitchen Design Consultation

Our experts will help you design the perfect luxury outdoor kitchen tailored to your space and needs.

One of our design experts will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your project and schedule your consultation.

The Yule Family

The patio kitchen has been a game changer - a cherry-on top - to our beautiful Earthscape wall. The ability to work with Earthscape to design and construct the kitchen cabinet to perfectly fit and match our existing brick and our Earthscape inspired patio unifies our now special space. This is now a truly beautiful and functional outdoor living space. The utility and ease to grill with a ready outdoor kitchen provides an always option to cook and entertain in our beautiful and unique space. Our family and friends enjoy the beautiful atmosphere we now have to share.
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About ClifRock

ClifRock’s Panel Masonry™ technology is a dramatic development in the construction of outdoor living spaces. This technology combines the traditional appearance of stone with a simplified installation method. ClifRock's method is faster and easier while removing the complexities and hassles of traditional masonry methods and materials. Designed using select stones by a 20 year stone mason, ClifRock's precast panels mirror the look and feel of their natural counterpart. Panels are precast using a fiber-reinforced, polymeric concrete mix design. This technology enables the homeowner to choose their stone profile and color palette to fit the natural landscape of their backyard.

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